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New Year, New Collection

This year is almost over, so for the new year I want to write about my new necklace which is unusual to my previous collections. Hope to share with you the process of creating new collection.

Experiencing new material is exciting and challenging especially if it is unique for jewelry. Rubber is a very unique material when designing jewelry and usually it is used after it has been changed from the original form. But in my new collection I used it as it is. This new necklace is an excellent example how to reuse material without changing it.
The rubber I want to introduce this post was not designed to be used for jewelry.
In fact this rubber loops or rings which you can see in this photo were made for industrial purpose and I bought them in a factory rubber! (which in first look doesn’t seems like the place for inspiring jewelry…). Believe it or not they were manufactured for plumbing!!


I liked these rings so much I decided that no extra changes are needed to be done and because the rings are in such good quality they became the major element in my item. The black color which is so dominated inspired me to chic design and I decided to create a long necklace by adding a metal loops between each rubber loops.

And what about the knitted wire? How to combine it with the long necklace? I wanted to try some other technique which will look like integral part of the jewelry and knitting around the loops seemed like a good idea:


The knitted circles were another addition:


The result is long necklace which can be worn in at least 2 variations: long as it is and short.

The short version is worn by opening the necklace with claps. This makes it possible to surround it around the neck twice.

One other option is to wear as a belt!!!

This is my vision for the next year.

Hope to read your opinion about this new necklace.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



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  1. I think it is real chic looking I like it as a chain 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. I really love your work! I think that I had better give up now as your work is so amazing. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog – it really means a lot, especially coming from you. I am really looking forward to seeing your next creation 🙂


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