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My Etsy Shop Celebrates 3 Years.

My Etsy Shop Celebrates 3 Years.

Looking back it seems like a long journey. I remember how I was surprise to find out that I can sell jewelry on the web with out been worn or touched. Etsy was a whole new world for me and pretty soon I have realized how much I enjoyed learning how to take a dissent photo for my items (very difficult at start and a lot of tears), how to describe an item and how to keep an excellent costumer service.

One of the first decisions I did back then was to chose my first items to be listed. This was not easy at all!! Because I couldn’t listed all my items at once, I had to pick few items from the variety of styles I have. The first necklace was from this collection.

This was new collection beck than and I was not sure if I should list it first, the lava beads seemed to me too bold. To my big surprise, after few days I had a sale and guess which item it was:





From time to time, I get good feedbacks and this drives me to keep improve my shop.
I can tell you that every compliment still keeps me excited and fill me with new air.
This is the last feedback I got this week from Laura Moradi , one of Etsy sellers:

“I just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your jewelry is. I’ve tried many times to use crochet in my work, and the results always seemed so sloppy, but yours are truly jewels – very fine, even, and obviously masterful – from someone who’s tried, Bravo!”

Hope for many good feedback for the next year.



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  1. I agree with your feedback. your work is individual, delicate and very stunning. Keep it up 🙂

  2. I am going to take a look, congrats on your three years!!!! That is a long time to be in business 🙂

  3. Congrats! and no surprise your jewelry sold! it’s so beautiful and well made!


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