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Next week I am going to make a giveaway. The selected jewelry will be from this collection. Keep in touch to read more details.

You might win!


For today post I have some amazng pictures and this is the story:

My father-in-low celebrated 80 years old  last month and we had to figure out which gift would be perfect for him. This was not easy at all since he is not the person who likes presents.

The answer was found in Ein Karem . This picturesque neighborhood in Jerusalem was our favorite place to travel in the last year. It seems like time has stopped here. A year ago we were walking through the narrow streets and we noticed a bench near one of the apartment. An amazing card of special studio for photography invited us to take a picture in antique style. My husband was impressed and a year later this was an amazing idea how to celebrate his father’s birthday.

We wake up early that morning as we had to pick up his father. In the studio we met the photographer which spent a long hour trying to fit the suitable dress for the early 20th century. For the adults is was fun, but for the children is was a bit boring and very quickly they become impatient. Taking the photo was exhausting since every child try to run out door. Here are some photos:


Not one of the best!!


Allso not good!!


Me! I was very tired.

Thanks to photoshop, we were able to get this picture:


It was fun!!!

Thank you Hila – the photographer:!/photoantika?fref=ts


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  1. Wow, what a lot of fun. It makes you wonder how any children were photographed in Victorian times as you had to sit still for so long simply for the picture to be taken!!

  2. Really nice photography I think it does look like the 1900 🙂 Happy Bitthday to your father in law ..

  3. Hi Orit,
    Butiful pictures and lovely idea!!!
    I watched againe and againe picture that you are tired
    There is something real going through…and the interesting composition.

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