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Flying Rockets while Giving Birth

Over a month has passed since I opened my new blog and still no new post was written. For this time I have a very good excuse.

This was a very challenging period since I wrote my first post. As my due date was getting close, I have become obsessed trying to finish as much missions as possible. So instead of resting, I have found my self extremely busy. Among my long list of missions, there was one about my second post which I intended to write on my new PDF. But reality has reminded me that man plans, God laughs.

On the morning of Nov 15th, I have realized that the small contractions I felt all night are here to stay. They become more intense, but because I planed a natural birth, there was no rush to get to the hospital. So instead of counting minutes (something which only increase tension), I have decided to start 2 orders I had from my Etsy shop!!!
This was a very funny scene. Every 10 minutes I had to stand up and do some circles with my pelvis. After the contraction has gone, I got back to my chair, wire and knitting (or in other words, my blog’s name….).

At noon my orders were ready, my son was in the kindergarten and I felt this is a very good timing to go to the hospital: speaking while contraction was very difficult and this was a good sign. So I finished packing everything (and I mean everything!!). Driving to the hospital was very uncomfortable as I had to sit on the back seat of the car, on my knees and had to band a bit my head. But the news I heard from the radio were even more uncomfortable: more and more rockets are hitting the southern of Israel. I was worried but at least the hospital and my son are not near the rockets zone. After arriving to the hospital I called my midwife, Alina, and hoped for good news. But it appears the sever contractions I felt were in fact only 2.5 cm dilated. I was very disappointed as I hoped to hear something between 5-6, but Alina had a good idea: go for a walk and come back in another hour.

This was a walk from hell; every 5 minutes a long contraction has caused me to shout to my husband, so he will come and put his hands on my suffering back. After 1 hour I felt that I need worm water on my back, so I limped back to the hospital. My husband felt that it will take some time, and because a rocket hit a very close city near our house (!!!), something which was much unexpected, we decided it is more important he will be with my son (and I will be alone). After he left, Alina checked once again and this time the result was 3. Not enough but my mind was focus on how to reduce the pain so I couldn’t care less. I rushed to the shower, throwing my cloths and hoped the warm water will be my rescue. But as the time passed on I realized how much giving birth is very painful, this was the longest hour of my life!!!

In the mean time I felt that I need Alina next to me. She came and took me out from the shower. In this point my state of mind was very different, but still in focus. She wanted to check once again, to my big surprise this time the answer was that the baby is very close and if I want I can push. In the mean time she helped me climb to the bead. I stood on my knees, my back was straight and my hands lay down on the head of the bead. This was an excellent position and after few pushing, the baby came out.
The moment after she came out was amazing and because I can’t describe this in words, I am adding a photo:


Her name is Adi. In Hebrew Adi means big necklace and I am very proud to be her mother!

As you can see in this photo, she is covered with crochet blanket which was knitted by my mother in low who passed away a year ago. She was master in knitting and I am dedicateing this post to her.


And from knitting in thread to knitting in wire and this time another birth to announce – my new PDF. I got some requests to write instructions for earring and I decided to make them for this earring:




And because Hanukkah and Christmas are very close you can all enjoy 20% off for this PDF on my Etsy shop:

Hope to write my next post more quickly than this one,

Thank you,


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