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My Wedding Necklace

Ever since I returned to the craft fair, sleeping became a waste of time. Tuesday and Friday are a very exhausting days and in the end of them, I find myself trying to remember when I had a few minutes of quite (very rare). The rest of the week, I am with my children which leave not enough time to writing. Because I am sure you are not here to read the boring schedule of bussy mother, I want to show you some progress in my work.

Finally after planning, taking a picture (one after one…), I am pleased with the result. I have a new necklace for my bib collection necklaces. This collection has only few items, but each one makes a statement. A very simple dress and one of these necklaces and you will have a dazzling appearance. I think the mother of pearl stones is an excellent combination with the goldfilled wire and the satin ribbon.




I love the mother of pearl.




Next time I want to intruduce you a friend of mine who does amazing work.



And the winner is….

It took me a while, but finally after my child was sick and my baby (it was hard) and participating twice a week in craft fair, I want to announce the winner in my giveaway. I wrote all the names on small notes and asked from my child to pick one from a glass ball. I am not sure he understood why his mother chased him with a glass ball, but he was happy to pick a note. So the winner is Monica from Impressions of a Princes.

You can contact me on to claim  your prize.




Since I was very busy in the last month, I didn’t get the chance to see what is going on the blog-o-sphere and read what you have all have been up to, and commenting. I will get back to each and every one of you.

Next post will be published very soon (I am feeling I have to fill some gaps) and until then I will give you a glimpse. I am working on a new/old necklace. This necklace is white.



Thank you for being so patience,


My Etsy Shop Celebrates 3 Years.

My Etsy Shop Celebrates 3 Years.

Looking back it seems like a long journey. I remember how I was surprise to find out that I can sell jewelry on the web with out been worn or touched. Etsy was a whole new world for me and pretty soon I have realized how much I enjoyed learning how to take a dissent photo for my items (very difficult at start and a lot of tears), how to describe an item and how to keep an excellent costumer service.

One of the first decisions I did back then was to chose my first items to be listed. This was not easy at all!! Because I couldn’t listed all my items at once, I had to pick few items from the variety of styles I have. The first necklace was from this collection.

This was new collection beck than and I was not sure if I should list it first, the lava beads seemed to me too bold. To my big surprise, after few days I had a sale and guess which item it was:





From time to time, I get good feedbacks and this drives me to keep improve my shop.
I can tell you that every compliment still keeps me excited and fill me with new air.
This is the last feedback I got this week from Laura Moradi , one of Etsy sellers:

“I just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your jewelry is. I’ve tried many times to use crochet in my work, and the results always seemed so sloppy, but yours are truly jewels – very fine, even, and obviously masterful – from someone who’s tried, Bravo!”

Hope for many good feedback for the next year.


New Blog

New Blog

Ever since I wrote my first PDF, instructions to create my crochet ring, I got a lot of feedbacks to create my own blog. This was a big surprise for me. Apparently the photos with the explanations were good enough to make a well organized PDF that it seems to some of you, like a good platform to make also a blog of creation

So finally after lots of debates with my inner “me” and my growing belly (I am 8th month pregnant ), I have decided that blog would be the place for me to share my ideas and creations – finished and non finished (which are a lot….). Because “me” is not just “creation” and “inspiration”, I think this would be a bit about me, aka ‘Orit’,
a lot about what I am doing, aka knitting. But this blog would be also about getting up in the morning (very difficult for me with all the extra weight…), or in short – life.

So who am I??? I don’t believe in long introduction so I will start with only a few words. The rest will come as I hope to write more post, hopefully you will like this one.

So this is me:
I look just like my logo (you have to believe me now; I will add a photo so you will able to compare).

I am a mother to 4 years old boy – very energetic and another baby girl in November.

I am crazy about knitting, crochet and textile techniques.

I love to create, I love handmade and I love design – scrapbooking is my new hobby.

With all this passion, I have decided to start my own business and create jewelry which is made entire on knitted wire. This was 6 years ago and since then I also opened my Etsy shop:

After the introduction, I had to decide what this post would be about.
Again this decision was very challenging for me and eventually I got to conclusion that I want to share with you my next necklace. This necklace was not listed on Etsy yet and I didn’t even show it on my stand in the Nahalat Binyamin Fair in Tel Aviv. It is so new that when I wrote this post, it was still on my desk, waiting to be listed.

So this is it, or in fact part of it:

This is an amazing leather which I found and I just couldn’t resist making something which will be combined with knitting. As you can see this piece was cut few an few times before I could decide on the shape.

So after some cutting and piercing, I got this shape:

And this is it in full size:

I would love to read your opinion on the result, so if you like you can leave a comment.

Now I have to think about my next post and if you like to read it, you can subscribe (at the bottom of this page) to my blog  and receive an email notification when a new post is made.

Thank you for reading this,


Scrapbook therapy

Scrapbooking projects by Noga Shefer

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