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One Sunny Day

I love scrapbooking! It is a new hobby for me, only few months, but already making my own album pages and card greeting. It all started when I was looking for a better way to arrange my family photos (and I have a lot ) . Because I am very nostalgic person I still use an old analogous camera (please don’t laugh) which force me to print the photos on every occasion. This means a lot of photos which needs special pages.

Usually for making a page I need a sketch which guides me on how to layout the photo and the background. I have discovered that my favorite method of decoration is to ‘continue’ and ‘stretch’ the photo. This way highlights, in my opinion, the photo in a very interesting close up and it is not just adding decoration. Sometimes I use a sketch from my Pinterest boards and sometimes I make my own one. Pinterest, by the way, has become a very important tool for my creations in the last months.
Because scrapbooking is very new for me, my supply is limited so I love to improvise. In some cases it is even advantage and it became a major part in the process of creating the page.

The photo I have chosen was taken a year ago. It was a sunny day in the middle of the winter and because it was Saturday, we decided to go on a picnic in the Ella Valley. This  amazing valley has a lot of vineyards and magic woods, so we started walking. After 15 minutes my husband decided he wants to show our son some birds, so he lifted him and put him on his shoulders. I was behind them and I thought this will be a great  photo, so I took a picture in my old camera.

The page is created with Israeli cardstocks which were designed by Tsroya Ilan. She has amazing pages and I thought they will add some nature mood to my photo.

I started my decoration with a frame  so I cut the pages and left a adge which looks like a frame. After that I added a path made from another page.



To highlight the path, I knitted a very simple crochet stitches (I just can’t not adding any knitted item)


The sun was made from a large button, almost 2 inch.


The trees are from a Christmas tree (!!!) which I had on my  cardstocks stock. I cut it and copied it.


The last decoration was adding quotation from famous Israeli song which means: “we went on a trip…”


This is the finished page. Every time I looks at him, I feel like going to a trip.

Hope you feel the same.



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