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Embroidery Dreams

When I was a little girl, I used to embroidery different patterns which my mother bought for me. The first one was a cute little puppy which was framed. My mother still keeps it hangs in the living room. Six months ago I had the pleasure to meet a new product and a new virtual friend (and a very real one since we both live in Israel). Orly creates a unique product (and she is a unique person). Product which I am sure you all will love. Orly prints embroidery patterns on canvas in a traditional technique and those patterns are so lovely you just can’t ignore them. As a nostalgic person, I really appreciate traditional crafts and Orly has a lot of respect to that tradition. I am not sure when I will find the time to do some embroidery work, but choosing my pattern in her Etsy shop was very easy. You can see it yourself here:

And if you want to see more pictures from this process you can follow her blog:


Look how the stitches are so nicely done.


One of the steps –  perforate the pattern on transparent paper.

love tree zoom[1]

Another pattern.


The rabbit – my favorite pattern. This pattern is a result of collaboration between Orly and another friend – Micush.

The pattern was made according to her illustraion.

Hope you liked it too.


Scrapbook therapy

Scrapbooking projects by Noga Shefer

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